I am very very fortunate to have friends all over Canada who offer me endless support. There are so many different ways that y’all show your appreciation, and none of it goes unnoticed. Sometimes, friends/fans/fam ask me what the best way to support me is – which is where this guide came from! Whether you have $100 to spare, or $1, (or nothing), there are tons of ways to help me chase the dream. These hot tips are up-to-date, and will be the most helpful if you decide to contribute. I love you all so very much!!

Free Help! 
  • Help Boost my Spotify Traffic
    – Follow my artist account 
    – Save/Download my discography
    – Add a song or two to your personal playlists

    hard at werk.
  • Give my Insta Some Lurrrrvvv
    Follow me on Instagram! 
    – Double-tap and comment on my posts that you dig (this will help my posts show up on others’ profiles)
    – Watch my stories! I have cutesy updates about me and Andrew, music updates, and lots of arts n’ crafts.
  • Come to a Show
    – If cost is ever a barrier that prevents you from attending a show, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE message me. We can definitely work something out, especially if you can wrangle a few friends to join you!
  • Share my Music
    – Tell a friend about me! Re-post my song on your Timeline! Graffiti my name on a bathroom stall! There is no better promotion than a good recommendation from a friend. If you like it, let them know!
Pay Me!
  • Buy my Music!
    Bandcamp gives me the highest payout. It also allows you to pay a lil’ extra, if you’re feeling particularily generous. This money goes DIRECTLY back into music, so go crazy. Think of it as a virtual tip jar.
  • Buy my Merch!
    – I screenprint my own merch at home, so this is also a very big return for me. You can find a t-shirt on my Bandcamp page, but I have other goodies

    Out of My Head
    one of my early DIY attempts

    (sweaters and tanks) available at my live shows.

  • Host a house show!
    – If you have a lot of friends who love live music – let’s put on a show! You bring the people, maybe some snacks. I’ll bring the vibe & tunes. I regularly host house shows myself, and let me tell you — they are a blast! Guaranteed fun time or yo’ money back.
  • Angels Only
    – This is literally a pipe dream, lol, but whatever. Fortune favours the bold, right? It costs me around $5000.00 to record the beds for a full length album professionally. Fr

    angels love me :)

    om there, I record overdubs in my home studio, and mix it myself! If the music ain’t coming out fast enough for you, or you just want to contribute to the next project, pick any number between $1 – $5000.00 and send it my way. I’m not really into the whole indie-go-go thing, and/or selling random services as “perks”, but I think it’s fair to say your name would pop up somewhere on the album artwork?