Girlhood EP Available March 25th

Guess what, homies?

I’ve been working on new music (almost constantly), and am ready to share an EP with the world! It’s called “Girlhood”, and it has FIVEEEE tracks for y’all. They were recorded in a handful of places (as low budget albums usually are), including Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton, my mom’s garage, my old apartment in North York, and in my friends’ home in Vancouver.

My darling friend Luc Chaisson at Augment Recordings mixed all of these tracks (except Motherhood)! He is a superstar!

  1. HER
  3. KIDS
  4. LUCKY

On March 25th, you can┬ástream the heck outta these, or buy them from iTunes, BandCamp, the whole sh’bang. I also have some physical CDs that you can grab at any of my shows (check out my tour page to see when I’m in your neck of the woods).