“Her” Available Now

I’m so happy to share my first single with all of you. This song is called “Her”, and you can find it everywhere under the sun (iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music)… I’m pretty sure you can even Shazam it, if you want, I guess.

This song has kind of tried on all kinds of different outfits, but the version you hear here is actually the very first demo I recorded of it, in my stuffy apartment in North York. I was super lucky to record another version of it with my best friend Max Bornstein on real drums at Grant Avenue, but I’ve always held this one close to my heart.

Last summer, when I went through the SongStudio program, I had a chance to play it on stage with a group of session musicians. They were only working from charts, and I insisted on writing them in the true Nashville style (after a glass of wine, ahem), so it takes us a second to get on the same page, if you may… But it was one of the most fun performances ever. It’s a great program, and if you’re a songwriter, I highly recommend.