Home Sweet Home

Finally back from my West Coast tour/adventure, and gearing up for a few dates up at our country’s capital!

You can check out more details about these shows over on my Facebook page — there’s lots of other cool stuff over there, too.

Lots of lovely news coming up soon!

Don’t Fear the Dark: Available Now!

My very first album, “Don’t Fear the Dark” – is finished, and printed! I’m holding one in my hands right now.

It’s been a crazy process, lemme tell you that. Some of these tracks come from Grant Avenue, where I worked with Amy King, some of them come from the Seneca studio 2027, and some come from my mom’s garage. It’s a medley of the tunes I’ve been focusing on over the past few years. One of the tracks dates back to 2012. It’s just been a crazy long process, and I’m so happy to share it, finally.

Luc Chiasson mixed most of these tracks, and you should definitely check him out if you haven’t already. After working with Luc on my Girlhood EP, it would have been super silly to not have him work on this album. He’s like… a sound magician. Just the greatest.

Max also shines like a star on this album. <3 We’re playing a few dates together this summer, so be sure to come witness his greatness in person!! I’m so happy we’ve been working together over the past 3 years (holy moly!).

You can buy it on Bandcamp right now for $7. Pretty wicked, eh? While you’re there, you can check out the t-shirts I screen printed.


Interview: GirlyJuice.net

My lovely lady friend Kate Sloan runs a sex blog called GirlyJuice. I just did an interview with her about my Girlhood EP. You can hear some heavy stories about the EP, listen to my sexy playlist, and get a first listen to a demo of “Imaginary Boyfriends” – a tune that’s going to be on the album coming out on May 5th! Woohoo!

Hit up the girl-power HERE.

New Tour Dates Added!

So excited to announce that I’m heading out to the Canadian coasts this summer! Check out my tour page for an updated schedule. You’ll be able to buy my new album ‘Don’t Fear the Dark’ at all of these shows! It’s going to be an absolute blast.

Girlhood EP Review: Rrampt

“…an exploration of the ethereal. This is the work of a truly talented artist. [Missy is] a smart songwriter; and an interesting one.” -Rrampt


The lovely folks at Rrampt gave my Girlhood EP a very in depth and kind review! You can check  it out here.

Girlhood EP Available March 25th

Guess what, homies?

I’ve been working on new music (almost constantly), and am ready to share an EP with the world! It’s called “Girlhood”, and it has FIVEEEE tracks for y’all. They were recorded in a handful of places (as low budget albums usually are), including Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton, my mom’s garage, my old apartment in North York, and in my friends’ home in Vancouver.

My darling friend Luc Chaisson at Augment Recordings mixed all of these tracks (except Motherhood)! He is a superstar!

  1. HER
  3. KIDS
  4. LUCKY

On March 25th, you can stream the heck outta these, or buy them from iTunes, BandCamp, the whole sh’bang. I also have some physical CDs that you can grab at any of my shows (check out my tour page to see when I’m in your neck of the woods).

“Her” Available Now

I’m so happy to share my first single with all of you. This song is called “Her”, and you can find it everywhere under the sun (iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music)… I’m pretty sure you can even Shazam it, if you want, I guess.

This song has kind of tried on all kinds of different outfits, but the version you hear here is actually the very first demo I recorded of it, in my stuffy apartment in North York. I was super lucky to record another version of it with my best friend Max Bornstein on real drums at Grant Avenue, but I’ve always held this one close to my heart.

Last summer, when I went through the SongStudio program, I had a chance to play it on stage with a group of session musicians. They were only working from charts, and I insisted on writing them in the true Nashville style (after a glass of wine, ahem), so it takes us a second to get on the same page, if you may… But it was one of the most fun performances ever. It’s a great program, and if you’re a songwriter, I highly recommend.