stay warm EP available now


“Stay Warm is short collection that reminds us the world can be a cold place. There are ways to stay warm, though. Listening to Bauman pour her heart out honestly, beautifully, and bravely is one way.” Rrampt Magazine

“It’s a raw, honest, brave, chronicle of sexual assault – and it deserves to be heard far and wide.” Roots Music Canada

“Prodigious talent and bravery.” Marie Zimmerman, executive director of Hillside Festival

“A powerful artist. This is a masterpiece!” Amanda Walther, Dala

“…an IMMENSE talent… I believe [her] music will help heal other people.” Blair Packham

“One of the most amazing lyricists I have ever heard. It’s so brave… and I think it will help heal a lot of people out there.” Alysha Brilla

“Two Sisters hit me like a ton of bricks. A true magical artist.” Hanorah

“Proud to know [Missy], and admire [her] writing to an embarrassing degree!” Tragedy Ann

“Missy is an incredibly brave and powerful artist. We all felt it in our bones.” Brontae Hunter